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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A wee bit of me Wednesday

I have been watching this for a while now and thought that maybe I would give it a shot. I think it is a great way to learn more about all of you and you can learn more about me. I think this will be fun. Go ahead and give it a try with me :)

{one} what time do you normally wake up?

Usually between 6 & 7 so I can have some quiet time before my son wakes up.

{two} do you have a go-to song for karaoke?
ummm no! I cant sing and don't think I should put people through the horror of trying to listen to me...lol!

{three} if you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?

Blue! It is such a wonderful, vibrant color and so I can see my sons beautiful blue eyes

{four} what color best matches your personality?
hmmm..probably red...why? I'm not to sure but I do love it :)

{five} if you could choose one meal to cook better than anyone else, what would it be?
Anything! I am not much of a cook but I love to bake and I think I am not to shabby at it either

{six} how many keys do you have on your key ring?
4. house, car, parents house and hubbys spare car key

{seven} do you give your pets birthday/christmas gifts?
Not really. They get spoiled all year but sometimes I will pick up special treats just for Christmas.

{eight} when your plate has different foods on it, do you mix or not?
NOT! I can't stand mixing! My husband always says "it all goes to the same place" I can't mix or eat a sandwich or burger upside down and I have to have my meat, veggies, and whatever else on the same place on the plate all the time...yep..totally crazy!!

{nine} if you could hire someone to do one thing for you all the time, what would it be?
Has to be a house cleaner. I am ok with cooking even tho I am not good at it but housecleaning...HATE it!!

{ten} when flying, do you prefer the window or aisle seat?
Doesn't really matter to me. I like to look out the window but with no having kids...they get it :( LOL!

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Kelly said...

Oh, you're one of THOSE people, huh? Just kidding. If you come visit I might force you to eat an upside down hamburger! LOL OK I'll leave it alone now. Thanks for sharing!