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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tell a Stranger Tuesday

Today is Tell a Stranger Tuesday at Soldiers Angels. We as angels are asked to tell at least one person about Soldiers Angels. So what a better way to do it then to blog about it.

There are so many wonderful organizations out there that help the deployed, the wounded and/or our Vets. Soldiers Angels just wraps all of them up into one and you can pick or choose how you would like to help or you can help by adopting a soldier who is currently deployed. To adopt a soldier you just need to make a donation, which can be as little as a $1 or as big as you would like. There are currently over 1600 men and women who are waiting to be adopted! This is a wonderful organization to get your children involved with or if you know of a school that may be able to help out or maybe a Veteran who would like to help. It doesn't take much and I have to say that it is very rewarding! Click on the button above to read more about how you can help.

Oh! Speaking of schools helping, I have a meeting with my sons teacher tomorrow to talk about how we can get the kindergarten classes to make cards for Thanksgiving and for Christmas to send over. We are also thinking of doing a donation drive to ship out to the Soldiers Angels warehouse in Texas. She says this will be a great lesson for all of the children and she is going to incorporate it into the classes lessons. After my meeting with her I have the joy of talking to a class of about 20 5yr olds...that should be fun! My son is so excited about it!

Today I am going to finish up the blanket I am making to donate to Soldiers Angels "Blanket of Belief" project. I don't sew (yes I know, sad) but they have a no sew fleece blanket you can make. It seems fairly easy. I will post some pictures later.

Please, if you can't make a donation or you don't have the time to help out in a group, just take a few minutes and take a look at the Soldiers Angels website and help me spread the word about how anyone can help!

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