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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Fun...

So it is Wednesday, Hump day! Let's try to wake up those minds a little.
Last week I put a few brain teasers and it seemed as though a few of you had a good time with them so I thought I would try to find some more :) I found these brain teasers that I thought were fun. You have to check out the color one! I find it to be kind of freaky but cool! Maybe I should put one of two of these up on Mondays to wake us all up instead...
Hope you enjoy!!
Can you find the baby in this picture?
Stare at the centre dot and the colours eventually disappear. Spooky!

How many black circles can you see?
1. The baby is outlined using the tree and land.
2. Is just too cool!!
3. There are no black dots. All the dots are white. If you stare at one dot they will all be white!
I found these on Brain Bashers !
Enjoy the rest of the week!!


Light and Writing said...

This was sooo cool! Yes I want more! I have seen the baby one. Still cool. The color one I didn't think would work and then wam! And I loved the dot one! Thanks for the fun!

Karrie said...

Glad you enjoyed it Emma! I will have to find some to do Monday mornings to help wake us up :)
Thanks for looking :)

Licu said...

Interesting blog! It's really fun!

Keep up the good work! =)