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Monday, February 2, 2009

Proud Moment

Last week Thomas starting asking me how to "make letters". He has been able to say the letters in his name for a while now, so I new it was only time but I'm thinking "you are nuts, your not even 4 yet". Well he kept asking me so I wrote the letters out in his name nice and big and showed him how to trace them. He started tracing and then lost interest and that is the last I heard of it....until today.
He was drawing and then he says "Mommy is my name right" So I go over and was expecting to see a bunch of squiggly lines and this is what I found

How cool is that! What a proud and sad moment all in one. Proud because he is growing and learning and sad because he is growing and learning.


Jen said...

That is amazing! Ty has been writing his name for a while now, but that only consists of 2 letters....not quite fair!!! Good job Thomas!!!

JMS said...

Woo Hoo!!! Way to go, Thomas! I know exactly how you feel - so proud and almost a little sad (in a nostalgic way) to see how quickly your little guy is "getting it." My son, who will be 5 at the end of March, can write his name very well now and has been writing it since before he was 4, too. He's practiced enough now that it's nothing for him to do it any more. He's still getting the hang of the other letters, but he sure can recognize them now!!!

Congrats, little guy! Keep up the good work!

Jen @ Random Ramblings

Craftnique said...

Another great moment of motherhood!!

Creative Coquette said...

That's way cool!

I am always so proud of my little niece. She just turned 5 and I think she is super duper smart (of course)!

She had me cracking up the other day as all of a sudden she started speaking with an English accent! A very good English accent. I have no clue where she picked that up :P

Cláudia said...



Well done Thomas!