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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl, 4 Foot Sub, Wings..Oh My

For the past 16 yrs my father has ordered a huge sub for the Super Bowl. When I was in high school he used to order a 6 ft sub and now that we are grown and all moved out of the house he has downsized to a 4 ft!
As kids, we used to invite all of our friends over and have wings, pepperoni bread, chips and dip and so much more. The biggest hit was the Sub!
To this day my father still gets the sub and now my kids now enjoy their grandfathers tradition.
This is the massive sub that we always get every Super Bowl
It always has Turkey, Roast Beef and Ham.

I know this doesn't look that good but this is a bowl of hot wings that I made. My husband and Jessi LOVE hot wings.
This is the sauce that we found in AZ on our honeymoon almost 8 yrs ago. We can't get hot wing sauce like this up here in CT. So, Thanks to Jen..My husband is a very happy man this Super Bowl Sunday. We had tried soooo many different kinds of hot sauce that we can find here and nothing ever stood up to this sauce according to Mark. Jen...You made Marks Super Bowl!!! Thanks again!

Jen sent us 3 different kinds of sauce,Jalapeno hot sauce, Chipolte-Habanero hot sauce and Habanero. Can you tell which one I used? Well...It's the Habanero! It was sooo hot that Mark had 3 wings and Jessi just about made it through 1!! As you can see by her face it was HOT! They say that is the hottest of them all. After about 15 minutes she was soaking her lips in a cold drink.
I personally can't stand hot things. I can't see how you can enjoy your food when your lips and tongue are numb...this picture proves my point.
So now that we are all stuffed and in the mist of watching the Super Bowl, I have to clean up! I don't watch the game I just like to watch the commercials.
Enjoy the rest of the night!!

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Jen said...

HaHa! I am so glad they were such a hit! I am a little sad that they were so hot they didn't even eat them all! :-P Like you, I spend Super Bowl Sunday in the kitchen....that's the best part!