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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fugliest Banner Contest

A few days ago, Picardcreative started a post in the Artfire forums that she was shopping on Artfire and decided she wanted to buy something for someone else. How cool is that!!!So she started "The Fugliest Banner Contest". Well, I had to join in. My banner was just nasty!! My brother, who is an IT major and works for Microsoft, made me a banner and it was just bright, ugly and pitiful (as you can see above). I thought he would do something nice for me, but I was just happy I had something up. Anyway, There was 2 of us who stood up and said we had ugly banners and 1 had none!! Well, the good news is, we all won. Picardcreative said she would purchase the 1st and 2nd place banners and SoyScentual said she would make the 3rd place banner for free!

So now that we won, we got to deal with this amazing woman, Dawn, at LifesMomentsCaptured. You can find her on Artfire and Etsy. Come to find out, Dawn, generously offered her services to us. Way too cool also!!! She is such a sweet and patient person. I told her a round about way I wanted the banner to look and she tried many times until I saw exactly what I wanted. She says I didn't drive her nuts but I drive myself nuts so I can only imagine what I did to her...LOL. It was such a wonderful experience working with her and getting to know her.
Here is the new banner and avatar that she made for my mother and I at our Artfire store! Aren't they wonderful. She hit the nail right on the head with these. We liked them so much that we are now purchasing business cards from Dawn!

For you those don't know about the name Baci's Creations. This is the name of my mothers store on Artfire and Baci means grandmother in Polish. My mother is a Baci of 3 grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter!!

You really need to check out all the great work in all of these wonderful and generous stores. Now I would like to come up with something to do that is as nice as Picardcreative did...I would like to spread the love too! I just need to come up with an idea...this could take a while. I would love some suggestions if anyone has some. Pass them along. I would love to hear them!!

I just want to say that my whole experience on Etsy, Artfire and with blogging have been wonderful. I have met some wonderful people and made some new amazing friends! If I never sell anything else on either site or write another post here, I will be grateful for the people I have met and can now call friends!
I also want to send a very special thank you out to everyone who took part in this. It is really nice to know that people are still nice out there in this strange world. Thank you to everyone!!!!


jinx1764 said...

Really like the new banner!

Jen said...

You may as well have won the lottery! That is awesome!!! Congrats!!! It turned out beautifully!

Karrie said...

Thanks jinx and jen! I love how they turned out...can't wait to see the business cards!!

Cláudia said...

I want to see the rest ;)

Kisses from Portugal

Craftnique said...

Really nice banner! I like it a lot.