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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thusday Thank You

I wanted to share with you a very special thank you to Debs1967.
Debbie's items were the first items in which I purchased from Etsy. I saw her items on Flickr and I contacted her to make me some towel hangers for my stove. I couldn't stand it anymore that the kids never hung the towels after they used them and they always ended up on the floor. I wanted to thank Debbie for the wonderful first experience of purchasing on Etsy.
She was very friendly and VERY quick! If I remember right, she sent me a convo at 3:00 in the afternoon to tell me that she was starting them. At 5:00 she sent me another convo to tell me that she was done! She was a great seller and I recommend her to anyone.
These are the 4 towel hangers in which I received and she added a Christmas one as a bonus!
Debbie started crocheting about 30yrs ago. She learned the basics from a family friend and then self taught herself the rest of the way. She crochets anything. Her store is filled with all different types of items from towels to stuffed bunnies to bags. She has a wide variety of items and prices. Her prices will fit any ones budget.
You can find Debbie on Etsy at:
or on Flickr at:
Please take a look! You won't be disappointed with her work or her service!
Here is a few pictures of her work below.

Thank you Debbie!!!!


Lola said...

I remember having those types of towels growing up. They really are great. Unfortunately, I no longer have a "towel bar" on my stove and my cabinets and drawers don't have handles :( Yup, my towels end up on the counter. Bugs the crap out of me!

Karrie said...

LOL Lola!!

Jen said...

She is a sweet heart, too! Every time I run across her in the forums, she is a pleasure to 'talk' with. Her shop is awesome!