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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow/Ice of 2009

This is turning out to be a crazy winter. I have had enough. It is down right cold and all the ice and snow we are getting is crazy. Yes, this is the way New England is supposed to be. I think we have been spoiled over the past several yrs. I do love looking at all the white on the trees and such. I do find it beautiful as long as I don't have to go out in it.
This is Ginger yesterday afternoon. All the girls were out and about once the snow started they all went back to the coop. Ginger was one of 3 that stayed out to brave the cold and snow. I don't know why since she looks so unhappy with snow on her back and one leg tucked underneath her to keep it warm. I don't get it.
The one thing that kills me the most about winter is the bitter cold and the ice. Ice is the worst. Living just a hop, skip and a jump away from Long Island Sound, we get a lot of sleet and icing. Not usually as bad as the picture above. We usually get some good snow and then it will usually change to a sleet or freezing rain (like the storm we had last night), leaving a coating of ice on top of the snow. It is no fun for the kids to sled on and you can't do anything with it.

This morning I went out to open the door to the coop so the girls could come out (if they wanted to) and only one made it out. Paprika took a few steps out, looked around and said "no way in hell". She then just turned around, went back inside and that is the last I have seen of her. The rest of the girls were smart and decided not to venture out. Could it be because they are spoiled and have a heater? Humm? Maybe I should have followed their lead this morning. I have had enough of winter. I love the first snow. It looks so beautiful and everyone goes out and plays in it. After the first snow, according to me, Old Man Winter can take the snow, cold, bitterness, ice,sleet, freezing rain and everything else that has to do with winter and shove it!!
Hopefully, for the ones who like winter, are enjoying this winter with all the snow.


Be Jeweled By Candi said...

Burrrrrr, just looking at those pictures makes me cold. We haven't had any snow here in North Georgia for the last 10 years. I'm originally from New York and lived in Maine for awhile and sometimes I miss it, but when it seems like it will never end it can get kind of old. Stay warm!

kim* said...

i have a rooster and chicken :) no snow tho!

detroit dog said...

Hi Paprika,

It's me - "Banner Arts" from Etsy, aka Detroit Dog, aka Veronica.


Great blog!

Light and Writing said...

Hey! Thanks so much for visiting me! Your blog is really cute! I want little chickens. I actually wouldn't mind lots of snow either (lived in Watertown, Ny for a short time and loved it) but I do hate ice! Look forward to talking to you.

Kacey Anisa Stamats said...

Great first photo of the hen, I look forward to reading more of your posts!


jnicdesigns said...

What cuties they are! Glad they have a nice warm coop to sleep in and such a good momma to take care of them! I love me some chickies - glad I'm no alone ;)! My big girls are all tucked away in the barn at the moment and Thelma and Louise are enjoying the sunshine through the window =).
Hope you guys thaw out soon (and us too)!

Squirrel said...

Love the chickens....they are pretty darn smart. Is that a Rhode Island Red?