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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Husbands Dream

I wanted to share my husbands dream with everyone. I am so excited about this for him!!

My husband, Mark, is a HUGE horse racing fan. Maybe HUGE is an understatement, but you get the point. He has wanted to own at least a share or two of a racehorse for a long time now since we can't afford a "whole" racehorse. This was going to be his way to get into the great sport of horse racing.....Here is how his/our story started.

Last year for I was looking into getting him a percent of a racehorse for a Christmas present. A lot of stables now offer percentages or shares of horses to help out with the cost of running and keeping a horse. If you purchase a percent (1% is equal to 1 share) then you are 1 percent invested in the horse for it winnings, claiming price or sold price. Then if there are more shares available then you may purchase more. Trust me, 1 share is not much and very expensive! It is not cheap to run this magnificent animals.

Our journey began when I got this wonderful idea of looking for a stable that we could afford to invest in a percent or two of a horse that would possibly make the track. I looked at so many different farms and stables and didn't have a clue which way to turn. I had so much to learn in a little amount of time (I started in November..Ooops). So what would any person do...turn to the forums. I found this forum called "Pace Advantage" and listed a post about what I wanted and needed. I had many responses guiding me through so many questions and suggestions. They were so nice on that forum to give me the hand that I needed. One man ended up responding to my post and said if I had any questions he would be more then happy to help. This man, Tom Schell, was a huge help to me with learning the ins and outs and answered every single stupid question I had. Tom is a trainer with several horses of his own. He owns McSchell Racing outside of Miami, FL. You will learn more about Tom in the up coming weeks. Well, to make a long story short. Tom and I kept in touch over the past year and needless to say we never found the "right" stable to partner with, until now...

Let me introduce you to my husbands dream..Bob Bull!

This is Bob Bull. A beautiful 4 yr old thoroughbred who has made my husbands life exciting (besides me of coarse). He is also a rescued horse, but I will get into that another time. Tom has given us the opportunity to invest in Bob Bull, but the best part is...Mark now owns 25% of him, not just 1 or 2%. Let me guess you are asking which part does he own? Well we joke and say he owns the ass end, which is good, because I would have to say that is one of the best parts since the hind end is probably the strongest to run and what comes out of it is great fertilizer!

Bob Bull will hopefully be racing in April at Calder Race Track in Florida as long as he is ready to run. He will be training soon and will not run until he lets Tom know he is ready. Of coarse dealing with animals, there is always the chance that Bob will never make the track. If he does, there is always the chance that he will never win. If you ask us though, Bob Bull will be on that track and will blow his competition away! He is beautiful, big and strong like most winners are and our horse is a WINNER! Having a race horse is like going to a casino, you may win but you might loose. You never know. This is a chance my husband says is worth taking. He has told me "It is more exciting then going to our local casino and blowing our money on slots!". He does have a great point.

We are very excited about this and have no idea what will happen or what to expect. Bob may run and never win, place or show, but that is ok because Mark is loving every minute of this and can't wait until the first day he runs. You bet we will be cheering Bob Bull and Tom on!! This horse will be the best ride of his life (again, besides me!).

I will be posting updates on Bob every 2 weeks or more to keep anyone that is interested updated. I hope you enjoy this journey along with us and also learn a little about the great sport of horse racing. I hope you all will tune in!

Please take a minute and take the poll that I have up to let me know if you are interested in learning and hearing more about Marks dream and keeping updated with what is happening with Bob Bull!!
I will also be adding in some facts and information on racing for all to learn.


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Beth said...

What a great idea!!!! I'm going to pay attention to your journey. My fil's 65th is coming up in a couple years and this would be a fantastic gift. He is a crazy horse racing fan!

Holly Casey said...

That is one good lookin' horse. Congrats to you and your hubby!

esque said...

What a most unique present! I love this! I'm a huge horse fan to (I just love horses, lol), I love this idea of owning even just a small part of a horse since owning a whole one is so expensive! I would love the hear more about your hubby's dream with lots of pictures of Bob Bull!


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Sara Libbey's Jewelry said...

oh he's beautiful! what a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

Dreams come true - great post.

Jen said...

That is so cool. My husband sits on a board in Louisville...so we go there 4 times a year. I love going to Churchill Downs (although I haven't seen a real race yet). I am so excited for you. Jason's grandad owned and ran the original horse races in the Las Vegas area and we are all horse addicts. Way to go and we'll be cheering for you guys!

djStoreRoom said...

Bob is really beautiful!!

Glad you found him!!

Ps; Thanks for visiting my blog too!!


Gaby & Jane said...

Ohh, he is lovely. So exciting.

Dan Felstead said...

I'm hooked! Beautiful horse and great story...I will be checking back to get the updates and I hope to see your husband in the Roses circle at Churchill Downs! Best of luck, even if it does not work out...it will be the experience of a lifetime for him. I think I will drop the hint to my wife...next Christmas instead of socks, it might be a rachorse!


Karrie said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! This will be very exciting. We can't wait for the first day that Bob runs. He is going to kick butt and hopefully we will be buying tickets to Kentucky for the Derby and you will be seeing all of us in the winners circle! It's good to dream big!!