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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Never to Early!

So I am a little hopeful as of today about spring being here soon. It is now January 20 and we just watched Mr. Obama the 44th President of the United States be sworn into office and what a better day to start thinking the best of things. One of those things on my list is Spring.
Last year I watched the crocuses come up at the end of February into the start of March. I do realize that is very wishful thinking this year but now is the time to start thinking about your spring gardens!
I have started receiving mail order catalogs for seeds and seedlings! This is very exciting for me since I am a warm weather person. I may have been born and raised in the Northeast but I'm still not used to it! I am now trying to figure out what to plant in my vegetable garden and where I should put everything. You need to rotate certain plants, like tomatoes, so they don't develop root disease and such.
Last year my husband made me 3 wonderful raised beds to put my veggies in and last year was the first year I had a wonderful crop to harvest (the chickens helped too). The only problem was I had too many things shoved into these boxes and smothered some plants...Ooops! I have learned my lesson this year.
So anyway, I am starting to make a list of what I want to grow and what I need to get. Some places, like Gurneys or Henry Fields, have such a wonderful collection of plants but you need to make sure you put your order in early so you will be guaranteed your plants. I usually don't order from catalogs since I am a strong believer in supporting our local farmers. If I do order anything it is usually just seed packets. I have a wonderful but small nursery not to far from me and I also go down to a local farm market and get plants there. I got the best celery plants at my local farm market this past year. You better believe I will be going back there!
I know the snow has a while to go before it is done but I think it is never to late to start thinking about spring and new growth. Today, being such a historical day and waiting for change and hope for our country, made me start thinking about all sorts of stuff that made me smile...Spring being one of them.


Jen said...

I am so excited for the change in weather, too. We are really excited to start a family garden this year. Thanks for the positive push in the right direction!

365 Letters said...

I do find President Obama's words so inspiring. It's easy to start planning and doing, just listening to him!

Good luck with your garden!

libertydoll said...

Just yesterday I think my family was talking about what we were going to do this year with the garden. Last year we had a huge flood (missouri) and it did something to the soil and several farmers, gardeners, orchard growers crops didn't do hardly anything. We have hopes for this year though

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

I too am excited for the change in the weather...I know it is only January but I am so ready for spring to get here!

The Bird Lady said...

Feb 1st is when I start my geraniums, my way of breaking up the cabin fever! They need about 12wks...it's so good for the spirit to start planning the garden.