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Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Bye Olympus C-740

This may sound stupid but it is time to retire my Olympus camera that I have had for almost 5 yrs. She has been such a great camera but I need to now spend more time with my new camera, a Canon Rebel. I need to figure out how to use this new camera and since December I still have no clue. My husband got me this for Christmas and I am loving it (please don't tell the Olympus). The Olympus has been so wonderful to me. She has taken pictures of my youngest son Thomas since he was born and has captured so many very important and wonderful memories for me and my family. I have never had any problems with her and she took wonderful pictures for a 3.2 mega pixel! She has thousands of picture under her belt, so I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures that were taken with my Olympus C-740. She will not be forgotten and she won't be put away for ever but she will not be brought out as much anymore. I know that there always comes a time to upgrade, but to be honest, I am pretty upset about this. She will always be on back up but I wanted to retire her with dignity!

Thomas meeting a cow on his great uncles farm for the first time. Can you tell he is a boy with no fear? He didn't shy away from the girls at all...they didn't know what to think of him. I was always running and standing behind a cow in the barn yard since he had no fear and would walk right behind them! I think he would have walked under them if they would have let them. I have spent so much time on that farm growing up that when my uncle met Thomas for the first time and saw how he was with the cows, my uncle looked at me and simply said "just like his mother" That says it all.

Thomas at 5 months.

I love this picture! I have it hanging on my wall and I still haven't changed it yet with his picture from preschool. I don't have the heart and I already have too many pictures hanging in my house.

Thomas and his Dziadziu (grandfather in Polish) on our annual family vacation to Cape Cod. My family, my parents, my sister and her family and my brother (comes up from Virgina)spend a week in Cape Cod. We all get together and rent a house for the week and the kids love it.

Mark playing baseball in Cooperstown NY at Dreams Park '07.
Mark made the East Haven All Stars and got to go to Cooperstown to play a week worth of baseball. It was so wonderful to see the kids so happy. There were teams from all over the country playing. That week Hawaii made it! They got knocked out early in the tournament but they had a blast.
Thank you to this wonderful camera for all the memories she has preserved for me!
I will miss her!
Now on to my new toy!!!!!! (shhhh don't tell)


JMS said...

Olympus will forgive you, I promise. She's lived a long and fruitful life and is probably ready to retire anyway, but is too afraid to say anything. :) Just put Olympus on a shelf where she can watch the world go by, and occasionally have conversations with some of the friends she's captured, frozen in time, and she'll be quite content.

Rebel will be a more than suitable replacement and you'll most likely find that he's up to any task you put him to. He's ready to go, just as soon as you've finished reading the instruction manual!

And your little son, Thomas, is just the most adorable thing!!! My son, Charlie (though in my blog I only call him Kiddo) will be 5 in March (the 26th) and I'm absolutely amazed by him every day. Our daughter, Greta (though in my blog I only call her Little Bit) will be 2 in March and she is exhibiting all the same "I'm a Smart Kid" tendancies as her big brother!

You're a lucky Mommy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Random Ramblings! Come back for a visit any time, because you can be sure I'll be keeping up with yours now!


Nicole said...

A wonderful ode to a piece of equipment that has served you well. I partincularily love the picture with grandpa on the swing.

Congrats and good luck with your new camera! Who knows what you might capture!

Jen said...

Those are great pictures. I know what you mean. I always hang on to to oldies but goodies. Sometimes they turn out to be tougher in the long run.

uniquecommodities said...

Great Pics!

byrheea said...

Lovely pics, especially the one with Thomas and grandfather.. so sweet!!

PS: Thanks for the vote in my poll!

Debra said...

Great pics!! I have a old camera that used film and I love it and it still takes great pics, I don't use it much anymore but I loved it.

libertydoll said...

I had a camera I really loved, and it would probably still be with me had I not broke it by dropping it.

Craftnique said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who loves her camera. I am not ready to buy a new one.
Great pics BTW