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Monday, March 9, 2009

Banner Giveaway!

Do you have a lame or ugly banner? Does your banner hurt peoples eyes? Maybe you are banner less or in some need of fine tuning.

Then let us help!

Baci's Creations, PaprikasPlace and Life's Moments Captured have teamed up to give one lucky shop a spring makeover! The winning shop will be able to pick any basic banner and avatar set of their choice from Life's Moments Captured Etsy or Artfire shop (excludes custom orders).

This was a fun contest that came about on the Artfire forums in which a shop named PicardCreative decided to do something nice for someone and offered to purchase a banner and avatar set for someone who had the "Fulgiest Banner". Baci's Creations was one of the winners in the first contest and wanted to extend the act of kindness to someone else in need and purchase a banner and avatar set for the winner here. Dawn at Life's Moments Captured is so sweet to offer her services once again! She has 2 amazing shops with many styles and colors to choose from. I know you will find something you will love in one of her stores!

Let the contest Begin!!

This is what you need to do:

1. Go to Dawns Etsy and or Artfire shops and pick the banner and avatar set that you would like to see in your shop.

2. Leave a link to your shop with your name and tell us why you deserve or need a new banner! Also make sure you leave the link to the banner and avatar that you want changed, this is what is going to be judged.

3. Tell us how you would give back to the Etsy and/or Artfire community if you had the chance (examples: give someone their first sale,offer a service, purchase a new banner ETC)

Please make sure you stop by Baci's Creations and PaprikasPlaces shops. Both shops are offering 10% discount on anything in either store for the length of this giveaway. Please include "lame banner" in note to seller during checkout.

If you have a problem leaving a comment please be sure to let us know or enter into the contest through Lifesmomentscaptured,Paprikasplace or Baciscreations, just leave us a message! :)

Contest will close at 6 pm EST Monday 3/16.

Winner will be picked by their families of the participating shops based on the lamest/ugliest banner.

Winner will be contacted on Tuesday 3/17.

Please be nice and have fun!

Kissing up will not get you further ahead but would be enjoyable and fun!

Please make sure you also stop by Picards shop and take a look :) Trust me you won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

How nice of you guys! And how nice for whoever wins!

gaffergirls.com said...

this sounds like fun..
glad I popped in for a visit tonight
mona & the girls

Jen said...

I'm OK with the banner I have, so don't pick me but I wanted to comment that I got a photo DVD made this Christmas by Life Moments Captured and I couldn't have been happier with it! I ordered 2 extra copies and pleased my parents and in-laws with a copy, too! I highly recommend her shop and Paprika's Place, too! I know you won't be disappointed!!!

Good luck everyone!!!

Stephanie said...

Totally would love to have Ribbonz Banner - Black Bunnies.

lesjoujou AT gmail DOT com

lesjoujou on Etsy

Anonymous said...

I like the royality and fantsy flowers. Beautiful! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my banner! I took the present one off a picture that came with my computer. Thank you for the chance! My etsy store is teachablemoment

L0veToSparkLe said...

Ok I'm at work now and the comment box is showing up yay!! Shhhhh.... don't tell on me! ;) lol, so I got your email this am that I'm entered but I did want to put my entry here and I just saw that I didn't put the link to the banner I had liked?!? It was late last night :o) So here goes...

Here is my Artfire shop that I just started :)

And my Etsy...

I think I deserve a new banner because I'm currently using the super generic ones that etsy provides. This banner shoes NOTHING about who I am or what I'm about :( And my avatar is fuzzy, it's just not good.

I really love this banner from LifesMomentsCaptured
because it's bright and colorful and just super fun :) I love to sparkle and I LOVE to be colorful as well!



And as far as giving back I would love to be someone's first sale, I mean that's exciting right?!? I know whenever I sell something I get so happy all day! I've seen so much cool stuff here too :) I also thought about doing a give away or something like that for my shop as well :)

w said...


from artfire i like this: paisley banner
and from lifesmoments: black rose

i'd love a new banner. my shop is currently empty as i'm searching for a "new look". this would be the perfect opportunity.

thanks so much for the giveaway! if i win, i'd post banner credit on my announcement.

Jen said...

Karrie~ Head over to my blog to see the award I just gave you!!! :0)

lillies said...

Hi all,
My shop is www.lillies.artfire.com.
I am in desperate need of a new banner, as
A) i dont have one
B) i am so useless with computers i doubt i will ever beable to figure out how to make one!

U would give back by continuing to buy and support etsy and artfire shops, and to also feature as many artsists as i can on my blog!
Unfortunately until i am more established, i can't give back anything more than what i have said, but once i am more established hopefully i will be able to give back more.
My favourite-

I think it is so pretty and dramatic, and i hope it would match what i want my shop to be!!

Tins and Treasures said...

I also use one of the generic ones that Etsy provides! I think the banner with buttons, is best suited to my shop! Thank you for this offer. Have a good weekend. Take care ~Natalie

Cute blog too...

Tickleworm said...

I like my banner, but would love to have one with pics of my stuff....

This dots on black, is super cool!