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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bob Bull Breezes...Getting Closer

Bob Bull is doing great! He has been out on the track breezing. A Breeze is when the horse runs with a bunch of other horses, just like in a race but the horse is not pushed. They run easily without much encouragement. This is to get them back out on the track with other horses and in a real racing environment. You also want to start them out slowly so they don't get hurt in the process. It is like building up to running in a 5k road race, you wouldn't just go out and run. At least I hope not!

His first breeze was on Sunday March 8th. He ran on a fast track of 3 furlong and had a time of 39.20 seconds and was 7th out of 10.
His second breeze was this past Sunday March 15 and again ran 3 furlongs on a fast track. His time was 36.40 with a rank of 2nd out of 10!
Tom said he came out of both breezes just fine and that Bob is doing great. This last breeze Lisa just sat on him and Bob did it all on his own, no pushing. He cut 3 seconds off since the 1st breeze. Imagine what he can do if he was pushed! Tom is very pleased with they way Bob Bull is performing and he says that things are going according to plan.
Way to go Bob!!! and of coarse Tom and Lisa!!
He's on his way!
The first picture is of Lisa and Bob getting out on the track while Tom is on Bobs stable buddy Atlas Peak who escorts Bob to the track and will run with him when Bob is not breezing. Tom says they are great buddies.


Dan Felstead said...


Sounds like things are progressing well, I bet you are excited!


Karrie said...

Thankd Dan! Things are going as planned according to Tom. As long as nothing bad happens We are pretty sure he is going to run sometime around the 23rd of April. Hopefully you will get to watch it with us!!! :) Thanks for the comments on Thomas also. He is a cutie and a really good boy!