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Monday, March 2, 2009

More of the White Stuff

Yep, we had another round of snow last night and today. We got about 12" maybe a little more, but this is the first big storm of the winter. We had a lot of snow this winter but it came little by little. It seemed like it snowed everyday there for a while. This storm was a good one for the amount but not for the quality. Not good snow for making a snowman or snowballs. I had one very upset little boy who wanted to make a snowman so badly. But we all still got out there and enjoyed it and I mean everyone!Reese LOVES the snow. Sasha doesn't like to be cold or wet for that fact, so she gets a little upset with her brother when he wants to play. She is usually a good sport and goes along with it for a little bit. She is 14 but still has a lot of pep! You also have to imagine that this poor little dog couldn't walk in the snow..she had to hop!
Thomas was so upset that we couldn't make a snowman or make snowballs so he went with the next best thing....throw snow at everyone. Daddy got smart and started going after him with shovels full. Thomas didn't mind at all.

After Mark got home from work, we all headed out to watch the 2 "big boys" clean all the snow off everything. You did catch "watch" right...LOL. They do such a good job all by themselves! I did have something set up with our neighbor that was supposed to come back and plow the driveway before Mark got home...he never showed. Nice neighbor :/

It really doesn't help that the dogs have a touch of spring fever and have so much built up energy from being inside all winter. It was fun to watch them get some energy out. Sasha kept up...at least Reese made her think she did!

Now who wouldn't love this face!
He is the sweetest and most loving dog! Yes, he is one of those dogs that thinks he is human. Can you tell? Ok, we let him think that way too...LOL.


Light and Writing said...

So much family fun! I love it!

JMS said...

Aw - that's the sweetest little face! Dogs (and cats, too) who think they're human are the absolute BEST pets! How could you not absolutely adore them and everything they do? Give him a scratch behind his ears for me and enjoy that snow! I'm frankly glad we didn't get any (yes...contradictory to what I've been saying about loving the snow) but I'm really really ready for warmer weather now.

♥ ya! Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Jen said...

You got some gorgeous shots! Burr! I am happy in my warm weather for now! I'll blow some your direction!

365 Letters said...

Oh! We would love some snow! Not just because we enjoy the winter and snow but also because we've had such a drought here that we need the moisture! Wildfires have been all around the area here. It's very nerve-wracking! How much fun it would be to have some snow to toss around!

Jenn said...

yay! i love snow almost as much as love watching my dog play in the snow! LOL

i'm totally jealous... we got snow too but i was stuck inside sick all day... i'm crossing my fingers we get at least a LITTLE more before the warm finds us!