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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bob Bull

I finally received pictures of Bob Bull! Tom and his wife Lisa were so kind to purchase a disposable camera and fill it with pictures of Bob. I can't believe that the pictures aren't that bad! I am so used to looking at digital pictures that I thought the film would be horrible, but they aren't bad at all. Anyways we get to enjoy seeing Bob get ready for April. I can't thank Tom and Lisa enough!

This is Bob all decked out to run out on the track. Toms wife Lisa is the one riding him. She works out the horses every morning and is a huge part of McSchell Racing. Lisa was a jockey herself a few years back (I will fill you in more on her later) but now runs their horses.

He is currently running 2 miles to get him warmed up for his 5-5 1/2 furlongs (almost a half mile) 1st run in April

Here is Tom giving Bob a bath. Looks like Bob could care less about it. I can't tell if he is really enjoying it or hating it..LOL. I would think after a nice long run in Miami, I would enjoy a wash down.

Here is Bob out on the track with Lisa in their morning run. I know the picture isn't that close but it is still a nice picture of what you see around the track area and it gives you an idea of how wide the track is. If you look a little further above the white barrier you will see green...this is the infield where turf races are run.

Here is Bob looking all handsome in his "racing uniform". If you are wondering what is around his eyes, well those are blinkers. Blinkers stop the horse from seeing the sides to the back of him. A horses eyes are set more on the side of their heads so they can see all around them. If I am right, horses can see all around them except for the tip of their nose and tails.

Tom says he needs to wear these blinkers otherwise he is not very cooperative out of his stall. As Tom put it "if you take him out of his stall without them on, your in for a wild ride!"

He is all saddled and ready to go! Look at him waiting patiently, I think. That look may be also..."Let me out of here!"

We are getting so excited to see him run in his first race! Tom says he is doing really well and has good feelings about Bob. So do we!

I really hope all of you will share in our excitement on the day that Bob Bull races. I will have to check to see if you can streamline the race on the web or you will be able to get the race on HRTV if your TV carrier provides that channel. I will have more details when the race gets closer.


Light and Writing said...

I have good feelings about him too! The pictures are great, thanks so much for a look! Can't wait to see more!

Cláudia said...

Wow... Beautifull!!
Great pictures!


Jen said...

I am loving the pictures and the adventure. Thanks for sharing this with us!!! How fun!

Dan Felstead said...


Bob Bull is beautiful! Best of luck in April, I'm betting $6.00 to Win!


Karrie said...

GO DAN!!!! Hopefully you won't be disappointed!!! :)

Beth said...

I am really enjoying your updates and information on the horse. It was such a good idea to get your husband the share of him, that I'm looking into doing that for my father-in-law. He loves to watch horse races and I think he would be thrilled to be a part owner of one.


Created Sensibilities! said...

That is wonderful. Glad someone is taking good care of him. People can be so evil to animals, it makes me sick. Thanks for the story.