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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summer Favorite

Not to sure if it is a little early to be thinking of summer since winter really hasn't kicked in too bad yet for us but on the other hand...who doesn't think of summer all the time! I know I do!!

I took this picture this past summer one day spending hours chasing butterflies and bees. I just love how this came out and every time I look at it, it puts a smile on my face. I had it made into a 5x7 and it looks awesome but I really think I need an 8x10 for my wall!

I entered this picture into Simplicity's "Dreaming of Summer" Challenge. Please stop by and look at all the other wonderful entries :)

I also entered this picture into the "Happy Monday" Photo Challenge...also a great blog to cruise around and look at the entries :)

Now since I am finding so many photo challenges to enter...how do I keep them all straight and when? I am not a very organized person so this is going to be a challenge in itself for me...lol!!

You can also purchase this photo on my Artfire store. Please stop by and take a look the photos (which can be made into any size print, contact me for other size pricing) and my moms wonderful jewelry which I hope to have some new items listed this weekend!


Allie said...

Love that picture! Thanks for linking up!

Ashley Sisk said...

Really beautiful shot!

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

this is freaking beautiful! You are so talented!

Karrie said...

Thank you all! This has to be one of my favorites :) So many wonderful photos to look at...I could spend hours on all these challenges :) Thank again!!

Ray said...

Beautiful photo!