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Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're Back!

We are back from our Disney trip and now I need a vacation..LOL! We did so much but that is what you do in Disney right? We had great weather and the kids did fantastic. We had only one major melt down the whole time we were gone. I thought we would have had more but Thomas did great for the 10 days we were gone. We went to one park a day in the morning and had some quiet time at the pool for a few hours every afternoon then went back out to the parks. It made for long days but the down time was well needed and deserved. I am tan and refreshed (to a point) and feel so good! It will be a few days until I am back in the groove of things but it is ok.
Bad news is that cranky day we had with Thomas...He started a cough on Wed which slowly got worse by Saturday. I took him to the doctor yesterday and the poor little guy has a double ear infection!! He never once complained about his ears! The only sign I had was when we were landing in NY he was complaining his right ear hurt and I thought it was just his ear wasn't popping on the way down. This happened all the time when he was younger, he never gave any signs of an ear infection except not sleeping. He is on meds now and should be better soon. I just feel really bad I didn't know!

I thought I would mention, that we kept the trip and getting on a plane from Thomas until we got to the airport!!!! I thought that was pretty good! LOL!
Here are just a few of the million pictures I took.

This is a picture of my husband, Mark with Mark (blue Cape Cod shirt) and Thomas, along with his brother Ed and his two children Edward (black shirt) and Emily.

Here is a picture of us taken on the boardwalk. I hate pictures but at least I am tan!

Animal Kingdom. I got some great shots of the animals. We did the safari first thing in the morning and the animals were out and active. I love the photo.

NY City from the air. A perfect day to fly home.

Thomas and the Big Guy himself

Every child has to have Mickey Ears!

One pooped little boy :]

Thomas turned into a water rat while we were there.
This is him and Emily. It was great to have the cousins together on vacation. Thomas loves Emily and wouldn't do anything without her.

I have many more to share but I won't bore you too bad!

It was a wonderful vacation and it is nice to be home. Nothing beats home!!


Jen said...

Poor Thomas and the ear infections! I am so glad he was still able to enjoy himself! I've been eagerly awaiting your return and the pictures. Please don't be shy and share more of them! We missed you!!!

coltpixy said...

Poor baby, I hope he is all better soon.
Thank you so much for sharing your vacation! Looks like you all had a blast. Love the pics ♥

Dan Felstead said...

I LOVE DISNEY WORLD!! Especially EPCOT and it looks like you stayed at either the Dolphin or Swan near EPCOT. Glad to see you got back safely even with an ear infection in tow! Now it is time to get some rest!


Karrie said...

Hey guys!I missed everyone and my little online world..LOL! Seems like I have been gone for a long time...wish I was still in a small way. I loved not cooking for over a week! I hate all the laundry that needs to be done too!

Yes Dan we stayed at the swan but spent a lot of time at the Boardwalk where my BIL was staying. Great hotels...I personally love the Beach Club...can't afford that one tho. Where do you stay?

It's great to be back!!

Jen said...

We stayed and the Swan when we took the kids. Fantastic!!!