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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Finally Won Something!

Well, not really me. This cutie face won "The Cutest Pet Contest" on a great blog called Furrytwang! He won his own T Shirt. We picked out the one that says Spoiled Rotten. Which he is of coarse! They also have a website with some great southern based T shirts. Stop by if you have a chance, it is a really cute site with many different types of shirts and sayings. You can also follow Furrytwang on Twitter. Thank you Jodi for the great prize and a picture of Reese in his shirt will be on the way when his shirt gets here!

This is Reese. He is a 10 yrs old Border Collie/Dalmatian mix who acts like he is about 2. We picked him up at the local pound when he was about 1. He was jumping so high in the pen and was a crazy man but there was good reason for it. He was so full of love but no one wanted to love him. He was found wondering the street and brought to the pound when he was a few months old. He was then adopted 2 times and brought back to the pound both times. He was taken in the 1st time and returned after a week because he was to hyper and the second time he was returned for the same reason but after about 3 weeks. Yes, he was hyper!! Jumping all over, running like a mad man but I think if I was locked up for that long I would have been doing the same.

While at the pound I took him out to the pen to see what he was like. He was a doll. You could see in his face that all he wanted was to be loved and to love you. He was jumping all over me and was trying to lick me to death. You really need to watch that tongue...it always wants to lick! There was no way I could walk away without him! He has turned out to be such a great dog! He was and is trained very easily and quickly. He is so smart (must be the Border Collie in him) I trained him to lay down near the table when we eat. He won't even lift his head until we are done. He will not lay under the table (I HATE that). He can sit, stay, roll over, paw, lay down, speak and best of all smile! Yes he really does smile. He lifts up his upper lip and shows his teeth but if you can see him do it his whole face gets into it just like when we do a real big smile. I am trying to get a picture of it but it happens so quick I can't get a good pic. Reese is also a great dog with kids. He doesn't care what is done to him. This dog has a heart of gold! I remember when Thomas was a few months old and he was lying on the floor and Reese can into the room and tried to step over Thomas. Well, at that moment Thomas decided he was going to roll and Reese caught Thomas's arm with his back foot. Thomas started crying and Reese took off and went and crouched by the door with his head down and wouldn't look at me. I saw the whole thing so I know he was being gentle and trying to step over Thomas, he never meant to hurt him. I felt so bad for Reese that I went over to him and spoke to him like he was human. I told him I know he was trying to be careful and that he didn't do anything wrong. He then gave me a kiss and was much better. Can you tell how much I love this dog?

He is the best dog you could ever ask for and there will never be a replacement for him.

The one flaw about Reese....NEVER let him off his run!!! We can't fence in our yard due to all the rock in our yard so we have him on a 100ft run. If he gets off his run....we get in the car to go fetch him. He is a white streak running down the road...LOL! I swear he has some greyhound in him. He is super fast. He hasn't calmed or slowed down at all since we got him. He still loves his long walks by the water, but hates to swim. We take him to my neighbors who has a large fenced in yard and he plays with their 2 black labs.

So to those families that let this love of a dog go....Eat your hearts out!! You missed out on the best dog you could have ever owned!

This is Reese playing with his grouchy sister, Sasha. As you can see she puts Reese in his place when needed and she will go after any dog that doesn't belong in our yard. Can we say Ornery. She is about 14 and we rescued her too. She was about to be put down when she was about 5 because her owner didn't want her anymore so we took her in. She is a typical female dog...no pun intended..LOL! She is an old girl set in her ways and has gotten bitchier the older she has gotten. We love her no less but she does need an attitude adjustment...LOL!!!

Reese with his Christmas bandanna on.
We love all our animals just the same and we couldn't ask for a happier household of 2 dogs and 3 cats, a bird, a 50 gallon fish tank and our chickens and of coarse my boys!


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Karrie! What a GREAT blog and a beautiful story! Reese is a doll and yes we can tell you love him! Funny you said he can smile cause when I saw that first picture I already had it in my mind to tell you he looks like he is smiling! Aren't good dogs such a blessing!?!
I'm glad you left me a comment, I didn't realize you had a blog! I'll definitely add you to my blog roll!!!
Take care and let me know about that package!

Dani said...

What a beautiful dog! I wish every dog out there could find a good home and family like this. I would have a dog but I am not aloud where I live right now. But I'm planning to get one whenever I live in my own place. (Even though I'm allergic.) What a fun blog! Thanks for following Golden Tears of Joy! :) That's how I found you.

WhimsybyMari said...

What a great story he is a beautiful dog and you are so lucky to have saved him. My 15 yr old Golden also smiles and he is so darn cute when he does.

Jen said...

I love that entire post! What a wonderful favor you did for both of those dogs! You act like you are the lucky one, but THEY are the lucky ones! I'm glad Reese won that contest!

Karrie said...

Thank you so much everyone!
Dani...that is what allergy meds are for..LOL! If I had allergies I don't think I could give up my animals. I hope you find a dog as wonderful as Reese.
Jenn..I guess we are all lucky but I feel as though we are the lucky ones in this story :)
Mari...I love it when dogs smile. You don't hear of too many doing it...so I am now on a mission to get a pic of it!
Rae..Thanks for coming by! and I LOVE your blog. Hopefully I will have my mini farm to blog about one day! and I got the package!!!! Yea for me!

Thank you all so much for coming by and liking my story. I guess I am a sucker for strays and animals in need. I also except humans!

Dan Felstead said...

Congrats..or should I address that to Reese! Truly enjoyable story and it sound like you love your dog as I do mine. They are truly part of the family aren't they!

Have a great Weekend ans we will be looking for pictures of the Tee Shirt!


Light and Writing said...

Of course he won he is adorable! And what a tear jerking story of adoption! I love wonderful endings for sweet animals!

Creative Coquette said...

Awwwwwwww he is adorable!!!! Sounds like loads of love in your house :)