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Friday, October 22, 2010

Camp Spann Thank You Video

If you have ever thought about donating to some of the wonderful organizations out there that support our troops then you must watch this video. It is a video on how the troops are living and them saying Thank you to everyone who sends care packages or letters. This video explains why I have joined Soldiers Angels and the great joy that I have gotten from them in the little time I have been a part of it. Please take a few mins to watch it. You will not be disappointed and if you have been debating on if you should or shouldn't join some type of organization...I'm sure it will shine some light on should! By watching this video it made me see what I do is so special and makes me want to do more. I have sent out many cards to many soldiers who needed a little boost to keep their spirits up. I have not heard back from them but this video proves that they do get them and read them and appreciate them. It makes me feel wonderful to know that! So know it is time to get some more cards and see what soldiers are in need today!!

Thank you to each and everyone of our soldiers all over the world for what they are doing and thank you to their families for being so strong, understanding and patient while their loved ones are away!!

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Kelly said...

Good reminder, Karrie. We haven't sent anything for a while. A few years ago my nephew was in the Army and we sent a bunch of boxes to him to share with the guys. We've also donated cash to groups that ship supplies, and our church held a donation event a couple of years ago, but I don't think we've done anything since.