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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bob Bull Goes into Retirement

For all of you that have been following my husbands adventure with having a partnership in a race horse, I have some bad and good news.

I will start with the bad news first. Bob Bull will no longer be running on the track. He proved to Tom that he no longer wanted to be out there but gave it a shot. So Tom made the decision to put him into retirement for the rest of his life. Tom listens to his horses and lets them make the choice if they are going to run or not. Bob Bull has had a hard life and Tom gave him a chance out there on the track again but Bob wanted nothing to do with it. Tom says that he loved going out in the morning and running but when it came to race time he just didn't put his heart into it.

So now for the good news!!

This is a picture of Bob with one of his new owners!

Bob is currently living on a 40 acre farm in Wellington FL with a couple who really wanted to take him in. Tom told us Bob also has a girlfriend to hang out with!! How cool is that. Bob is now going to live out his life being happy and running but not for competition.

Also the best news of all.....Tom has had a "No Slaughter" Bill signed for Bob. This means that Bob will never have to see the inside of a slaughter house again. He made it out and will never go back. How lucky is this horse?! I think he is one of the luckiest animals out there. If it wasn't for Racefund.org finding him in the slaughter house and calling Tom, and for Tom taking him back in...and now knowing that he will die an old horse, happy and loved! He is one of the few that get a second chance at life, so please just remember all of those that aren't that lucky.

I hope to try to get some more pictures of Bob at his new home but no promises. We will still be in contact with Tom and hopefully when another partnership comes around we will be ready and be able to afford it. Even if another partnership doesn't come around we have made a good friend and I have had the honor of knowing someone who is a horse trainer and also a man who cares so much for his and all animals alike. You don't meet people like Tom everyday and I am glad that I have met him. He gave us a chance at one of my husbands dreams and I will always respect him for that! It was a great ride for Mark... and me too! It was a lot of fun and a time that we will never forget. I love you Tom! You are a nice, wonderful, warm hearted person and it has been an absolute pleasure to have gotten to know you! Thank you!!!

I am hoping to keep updated with other horses that Tom is running. You can always catch Toms horses at Calder race track in Miami FL. Just look for Mcschell Racing and Tom Schell!

Thanks for sharing in our adventure. It wasn't as long as we would have liked but it has turned out better then we ever thought it could.


Jen said...

Like you said, sad but happy! He looks so happy running free! Sorry that he didn't bring in a big paycheck for you guys, but what an adventure. Good for you!!!

Dan Felstead said...

If you didn't dream...you would never have had the experience. I admire you and your husband for that...as far as Bob...sounds like he finally has it made! And a girlfriend to boot!