Wonderful Perchers

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today is Memorial Day, A day to remember all of those in our armed forces that have died, been injured or are still out there fighting for all of us here. We should all take a moment to remember those from past and present wars. Say a prayer from them and their wonderful families, if you don't pray put out a flag, when you see someone in uniform say thank you!It doesn't take much. Even if you don't believe in war these men and women are doing there job and doing what they believe in. They all deserve our support and love.
Just a little story for you.
My father who served in Vietnam for 16 months and came home safe had not to long ago took all of the grandchildren together and showed them all how to properly salute the uniform and flag. Now you would never think that it would stick in a 3 yr olds head. Well, I was wrong. We were in McDonald's just a few weeks ago and there were 2 men in uniform. They were in the Army. We were waiting in line behind them and my son turned to me and said "Mommy, what did Dziadziu (grandfather in Polish) say to do?" I had no idea what he was asking. He took his hand a put it up to his head all funny and then I caught on. So I gave him a fresher coarse. The 2 men were walking out and Thomas says "bye bye" and puts his hand up and saluted them. The older of the 2 turned around and saw him and went into a full salute himself! The younger of the 2 had a HUGE smile on his face and you could just see the joy in his eyes. Everyone in McDonald's that day that caught it started clapping and cheering. It was such a touching and wonderful moment. I really wish I had my camera for that one. But after seeing the mens faces, full of joy, I knew that it only took a small act to show these men that we appreciate them being out there doing what they are doing. It was also a very proud moment for me. My father always taught me to salute or at least say thank you. Now that I am older and have seen this war go on, I know how much they risk their lives for us and truly believe in what they are doing. Please just say thank you next time you see a man or woman in uniform. I guarantee it will make their day.
I also would like to ask for your prayers and thoughts for my cousin Philip. He is a Navy pilot and is being sent to Afghanistan on June 1st. He is in training in North or South Carolina right now and will ship out in June. He only found out 4 weeks ago that he will be serving a 12 month tour. Didn't give him a lot of time to get his wife and life situated. He says he is in some ways excited about going since this is what he has spent all this time training for. He will hopefully be sending emails home and sending pictures. I pray for his safe return and pray that his wife has the strength to get through everyday. She is a very strong person and probably one of the sweetest people I know. I know she will do fine but it will probably take a toll on her. She will be moving back home for the year he is away. At least she will be with her close friends and family to help her. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

This is a picture of Phil and his brother Doug in the cockpit. The below picture is of one of Phils fly overs at a Nascar race in Miami. Don't know which one is him :)


Sunday's Pearl said...

Thanks for the comment, Karrie... this to me is one of the most profound of observed days. My thoughts and prayers are with the troops, and my eternal thanks with those who died to protect us all.

Light and Writing said...

What these seemingly normal people have done and are doing for all of us is beautiful and eternally touching! My thoughts and prayers are with your cousin and all others who are separated from their loved ones!